Love at the End of the World (2015)

Love at the End of the World

Ja-young lost her husband 3 years ago. One day, Dong-ha appears in front of Ja-young and her daughter Yoo-jin. Ja-young falls in love with Dong-ha who is tender. She begins to dream of happy life with Dong-ha. Meanwhile, Yoo-jin feels lonely since her mother is always busy with work. She begins to have feelings for Dong-ha.

Release: Nov 12, 2015

Duration: 1h 40m

Genres: Romance, Drama

Country: South Korea

Quality: HD

Actors: Han Da-gam, Cho Dong-hyuk, Kong Ye-ji, Lee Hee-jin, Choi Ki-hoon

Director: Kim In-shik

IMDb: 5/10

Keywords:Love at the End of the World #eroticism#incest